An Energy Saving Adventure Awaits!

To help educate children to become the next generation of super energy savers, BGE is partnering with local libraries to spread the word about energy efficiency! BGE has even created a few activities that kids can complete online or print at home, to learn about fun ways to help save energy!

Join Lumi℠, your virtual energy coach, on an energy saving adventure and learn easy energy savings habits!

  • Explore Lumi's Energy Saving Activities!

    Ready to learn about energy? Each of the activities below offer fun ways to help children learn fun ways to save energy.

    Activity 1

    Help Lumi search for ways to save energy! This action books includes coloring pages and fun activities that help kids learn more about energy efficiency and how to stop wasted energy.

    Download the Action Book →

    Activity 2

    Where does energy come from? The activity sheets includes S.T.E.M activities that help teach kids how energy gets to your home.

    Download the Activity Sheet →

    Activity 3

    Ready to become a super energy saver? Help Lumi stop the Energy Phantom by checking off each item in your home that’s wasting energy!

    Download the Energy Saving Checklist →

    Activity 4

    Can you help Lumi find the details missing in the picture?

    Play the Interactive Spot the Difference Game →

    Note: The link above will open the game in a new browser window.

    Activity 5

    Lumi has lost all the words we learned about saving energy. Can you help find them again?

    Play the Interactive Word Search →

    Note: The link above will open the game in a new browser window.