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Energy to Learn: BGE’s Gas and Electric Safety eLearning Lessons

To help students and parents with virtual learning, BGE created lessons and activities designed specifically for elementary school students engaging in digital learning while at home. For six weeks, BGE shared STEM educational activities focused specifically on electricity safety, natural gas safety and energy efficiency. Parents and teachers were able to guide their students through the activities at a pace of their choosing.

All Energy to Learn activities can be accessed any time below. To help you navigate the activities more efficiently, we’ve organized them by topic: electric safety, natural gas safety and energy efficiency.

If your child has completed all 18 Energy to Learn activities, celebrate their achievement and download a customizable participation certificate below.

  • Electric Safety Activities

    BGE is energized to share these six electric safety educational activities. Click the links below to download each activity.

    Activity 1

    You can be an electric safety hero. If you notice downed wires call BGE immediately 800.685.0123 and stay at least 10 feet away.

    Download the Electric Safety Coloring Page →

    Activity 2

    These words may be scrambled but electric safety is clearly important. Unscramble these words to bring electric safety into view.

    Download the Electric Safety Word Scramble →

    Activity 3

    During storms bad weather can sometimes cause downed power lines and cause your electricity to go out. Pay attention to the weather report from stations such as WBAL to plan for severe weather. If you notice a downed wire after a storm, make sure to stay away and call BGE at 1-877-778-2222.

    BGE will send out a crew 24/7 to fix any downed electrical wires.

    Download the Electric Safety Coloring Page →

    Activity 4

    Test your knowledge of electric safety words with the Electric Safety 101 Crossword. Do your best to complete the crossword without peeking at the answers.

    Download the Electric Safety 101 Crossword →

    Activity 5

    If you see a downed wire, stay away and have someone responsible call BGE immediately at 877-778-2222. BGE will come fix the problem 24/7. Never assume a wire is safe to touch.

    Download the Electric Safety Coloring Activity →

    Activity 6

    Electrical wires? Telephone wires? Cable? Don’t guess! For your safety and the safety of others, always assume all lines are energized. By law, you and any toys or tools are required to remain at least ten feet from overhead power lines.

    In the activity below, share your knowledge about overhead power line safety.

    Download the Overhead Power Lines Safety Activity →

  • Natural Gas Activities

    Get in the educational flow and complete these six natural gas safety activities. Click the links below to download each activity.

    Activity 1

    Learn how to use three of your five senses to detect natural gas and help Captain Mercaptan and his sidekicks reach the house.

    Download the Natural Gas Safety Maze →

    Activity 2

    If you detect natural gas, you should leave the area immediately and call BGE at 877.778.7798. Complete this coloring sheet of Captain Mercaptan and his Natural Gas Safety Crew who know what to do!

    Download the Natural Gas Coloring Page →

    Activity 3

    Natural gas may be used by appliances or to heat your home. While highly unlikely, sometimes leaks can happen. When you detect natural gas, leave the area immediately and then call BGE 1-877-778-7798.

    Learn more about natural gas safety and check out this quick gas safety video.

    Activity 4

    Do you know how natural gas gets to your house from the ground? This fun activity shows you the route natural gas takes to power homes and businesses. Also, you can color in Captain Mercaptan and his Safety Sidekicks!

    Download this week’s Natural Gas Safety Activity →

    Activity 5

    Captain Mercaptan and his sidekicks Sunny and Piper need your help to identify all the natural gas safety words in this word search. Use the word bank to complete the word search and help Captain Mercaptan save the day.

    Download the Natural Gas Safety Word Search →

    Activity 6

    Show off your natural gas safety knowledge and vocabulary by completing the word scramble.

    Download the Natural Gas Safety Word Scramble →

  • Energy Efficiency Activities

    Complete these activities and become an energy efficiency star. Click the links below to download each activity.

    Activity 1

    Interested in learning how to save energy at home? Check out this quick video.

    Activity 2

    Using energy efficiently is good for the environment and can save you money. Can you identify which items should be unplugged when not in use in this energy efficiency activity?

    Download the Energy Efficiency Activity →

    Activity 3

    Little changes can make a BIG difference when it comes to saving energy. Help Lumi, BGE’s virtual energy coach, connect each icon with the correct energy saving tip.

    Download Lumi’s Energy Efficiency Activity →

    Activity 4

    Lumi is your virtual energy coach helping you to reduce your energy usage. In this activity, Lumi will teach you all the energy efficiency words you need to know. After learning the energy efficiency words, complete the energy efficiency word search.

    Download Lumi’s Energy Efficiency Word Search →

    Activity 5

    Did you know repeatedly opening the refrigerator door uses more energy? Use the tips in this coloring activity to become an energy efficiency expert.

    Download Lumi’s Energy Efficiency Tips Page →

    Activity 6

    Did you know turning off the lights is one of the biggest energy saving steps children can take? For more tips on how you can be an energy efficiency star, complete this week’s activity featuring Lumi.

    Download Lumi’s Energy Efficiency Coloring Activity →

  • Energy to Learn Participation Certificate

    Thank you to all the educators, parents and students who completed the Energy to Learn program. Your commitment to learning about smart energy has been electrifying.

    To celebrate your student’s participation, download a customizable participation certificate below.

    Download the Customizable Completion Certificate →