BGE STEM Superheroes

BGE STEM Superheroes

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Superheroes

Energy to Learn is more than just one of the leading virtual energy education initiatives in Maryland; it also works to cultivate elementary school students’ interest in future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). From inspiring the students of today, to creating opportunities for current professionals, BGE actively works to create a pipeline to high-demand jobs– because it’s never too early to start thinking about your future career.

Here, are ten outstanding employees who are superheroes in their fields.

Shameka Wilson, gas controller in Gas System Control
In March 2019, Shameka Wilson became BGE’s first woman gas controller. She and her co-workers are responsible for ensuring safe, reliable natural gas service to more than 680,000 BGE customers. Shameka, along with her colleagues, use sophisticated electronic equipment to detect any points where gas pipeline pressure is too low or too high. From the Gas System Control Center, they make instant corrections to keep the system safe and reliable.She encourages other women to dream big and explore the wide range of positions at BGE.Read more about Shameka’s historic career here.
Eli Galloway, overhead mechanic
Eli Galloway is an overhead mechanic at BGE. Eli and his fellow hardworking lineworkers, brave harsh seasonal conditions to respond any hour of the day when emerging issues require their expert technical skills. BGE lineworkers ensure service reliability for more than 1.25 million customers in central Maryland, and are responsible for nearly 9,200 miles of overhead primary electric distribution and 17,300 miles of underground primary distribution, along with 1,567 feeders and 244 substations. For more information on Eli and the work that BGE lineworkers do, visit the Thank You Lineworkers page.
Kat Mckitish, senior engineer in Electric Distribution Engineering and Standards
As a senior engineer, Kat Mckitish collaborates regularly with a team of 90 BGE crew members who install the company’s underground electric distribution equipment (the energy system that moves power from local substations into neighborhoods and into customers’ homes.) She makes sure that materials and equipment provided to field crews meet strict standards as well as the needs of the front-line workers. Kat spends a lot of time communicating and collaborating with field teams to make sure work is completed safely and efficiently. Read more about Kat’s role as a leading engineer at BGE here.
Andy McCauley, lead drone operator
As part of BGE’s continuing efforts to enhance safety and reliability, Andy McCauley flies drones over the company’s electric and gas systems across central Maryland. Andy is the lead of BGE’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) team that flies drones for equipment and infrastructure inspections. Andy is one of the roughly 4,000 people in Maryland who work in the drone industry, including pilots, software developers, device technology developers, mechanics, and more. For more on BGE’s drone work, visit the drone page on

Dawn White, director of Distribution System Operations at BGE, and Amber Young, Delmarva Power’s director of the Operations Control Center

From a young age, twin sisters Dawn White and Amber Young were both drawn to math and science magnet programs and pushed each other to succeed in those subjects. They attended various programs to hone their STEM skills, including a summer program at NASA while in high school. After graduating from college, Dawn and Amber began their careers in engineering at companies not affiliated with Exelon, but in 2005 both sisters joined companies that would one day be sister utilities within the Exelon family of companies.Dawn is the director of Distribution System Operation for BGE, where she manages hundreds of employees and technical systems that ensure safe, reliable energy to BGE’s nearly 1.2 million electric customers.

Amber is Delmarva Power’s director of the Operations Control Center. She is responsible for transmission and distribution system real-time operations, gas emergency response, and overall control room operations. Both sisters can thank their STEM background, dedication and hard work for the path that led them to their pivotal roles within their companies.

Read more about Dawn and Amber’s impressive career achievements here.

Kailun Cheng, senior data scientist
Kailun Cheng is a senior data scientist. Kailun uses statistics, computer programming and data examination on a regular basis to help BGE find solutions to difficult problems. By creating data visualizations and computer models, she analyzes and predicts key insights that allow BGE to develop solutions and innovations around some very complicated topics. Kailun encourages students interested in STEM subjects to remain curious and to become comfortable with solving non-linear problems.
Wing Lam, manager, investment management
Wing Lam manages the budget for BGE’s Customer Operations team which is responsible for ensuring the needs of BGE’s 1.3 million electric customers and more than 680,000 natural gas customers are met. Wing Lam uses his mathematical and analytical skills to identify innovative ways for the company to find savings and improve the financial management process. He encourages students to pursue STEM education because it helps improve their critical thinking skills and ability to come up with original, innovative ideas.
Joe Grant, principal arranger
As a principal arranger at BGE, Joe is responsible for coordinating outage requests for planned equipment maintenance at BGE’s substations across central Maryland. Joe uses complex math calculations to assure the electric system is not overloaded during maintenance. He also uses virtual digital modelling to code every step of his process. He encourages students to stick with STEM subjects, even when it seems difficult. Through STEM students have the opportunity to make the world a better and safer place.
David Tooma, senior training specialist
David began his career at BGE in 1982. In his current role as a senior training specialist he provides critical training for all new BGE hires that require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). David uses the latest technology, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), to train BGE’s team of drivers Company wide. David is a proponent of students exploring the STEM subjects to find a career they are truly passionate about.












Each of the outstanding individuals highlighted showcased what it takes to succeed in a challenging and rewarding STEM field. Through continuing to engage, educate, and inspire elementary school students, BGE remains committed to bringing forward the next generation of superheroes in STEM.Want to inspire your child or student? Click here for more information about Energy to Learn.